TestFit Updates

Undo/Redo Update

September 2019
* Show nearby buildings in 3D.
* Added undo & redo commands.
* Zoning rules and metrics are now stored per-site.
* Re-added support for automatic patching.
* Added an 'Open Recent' file menu.
* Switched from Mapquest to Mapbox for map data.
Reported Issues
* Fixed a case where bifurcated units ended up with different categories.
* Fixed a case where unit category changes were not being applied to the site.
* Fixed a crash when restoring from an autosave file.
* Fixed an error when using the Parts.ByBuilding Dynamo node with newer sites.
Bug Fixes
* Fixed 3D shadow rendering on older graphics cards.
* Fixed glTF exporter for plans with multiple sites.
* Fixed some incorrect facades near garages & amenities.

Zoning Update

TestFit 2.1
July 2019
* Zoning Profiles

* Elevator Navigation
* Error Reporting
* Verticals Offsets

 * GLTF Export
 * Unit Combination Options
 * Additional Custom Colors
 * Metric Presets Added

Bugs Fixed

* Fix missing common area
* Facade fixes
* Fix some balconies into setback bugs
* Fix units drifting off common in long corridors
* Fix crash when manually dragging garage corner
* Fix garage placement failure in orthogonal sites
* Lowered minimum per unit bath count to 0 (student housing)
* Fix some overlapping units near dead ends
* Fix underlay scale when switching measure systems
* Fix boundary drawing with multiple schemes
* Handle larger sites more effectively
* Fix boundary + amenity dragging issues
* Allow camera zoom/pan while hovering units
* Fix lift area in csv exporter
* Fixes to manual mode mass creation
* Fix 'Save As' also overwriting current file
* Calculate height above ground, not total structure
* Mirrored units are now saved
* Metes & Bounds now more accurately supports minutes and seconds
* Fix some un-joined parking solutions
* Correctly load user created presets
* Fix image loader menu bar missing text
* Rotate sites around center, not first boundary vertex

Configurator Update

TestFit 2.0
April - June 2019
* Custom units from the editor can be used in the solver

* Units and verticals can be re-arranged along corridors
* Orthographic snapping in manual mode
* Number of unit categories increased from 4 to 16

 * Added support for inset balconies
 * Added balcony railing areas to the tabulation
 * Facades tabulated via area instead of linear distance
 * Metric support added to unit editor
 * Balcony area counted as NRSF is now a preference

Reported Issues
 * Fixed missing text in image loader
 * Cleaned up drive aisle geometry for better integration in dynamo
 * Fixed an issue with underlays that would cause 3D geometry to appear black
 * Fixed parking rendering in the PDF export

Low Density Update

TestFit 1.010
February + March 2019
* Added support for surface parked site plans

* Create, save, and move between 3D views

 * Improved the parking layouts for structured garages
 * Liner unit locations can now be customized
 * Sites can now be copied
 * Icons now have helpful tool-tips
 * Pan in 3D with left-click drag

Reported Issues
* Fixed a bug that kept some large courtyards from being divided.
* Fixed parking stall layout in single tray garages.
* Fixed a rare crash when placing units in corridors.
* Fixed a bug where building elements disappeared when entering manual mode.
* Fixed a bug where unit databases failed to load.
* Presets no longer overwrite custom garage and amenity placements.

Shadows Update

TestFit 1.009
December 2018 + January 2019
* Rapidly perform shadow studies based on date and time of day

* Added shadows, underlays, and additional geometry details to the 3D model
* Change colors of units and spaces
* Added metes and bounds input for sites

 * Reduced the frequency of bifurcated outside corner units
 * Shadows can be enabled via the toolbar
 * Added a handle to move and rotate sites and underlay images
 * Detailed models can be disabled in the settings panel
 * Added an option to Windows Explorer's context menu to open rsd files

Reported Issues
 * Fixed unit tabulation values in PDF
 * Fixed a bug with loading certain types of old rsd files
 * Fixed a case where the garage would not move in manual mode
 * Fixed a crash when placing multiple spaces

Schemes Update

TestFit 1.007
November 2018
 * Quickly generate and compare multiple different schemes.
 * Unit names can be changed.

 * Added several new default presets.
 * Added beds, baths, and lot coverage to the tabulation.
 * Improved rectangular garage sizing for wraps.
 * Fixed a missing error marker for certain types of garage ramp failures.
 * Fixed the level numbers in the CSV exporter.

Reported Issues
 * Applying a preset no longer changes site setbacks.


TestFit 1.006

October 2018

* Fixed an application crippling building mass bug

Parking Update

TestFit 1.005
September + October 2018
* Parking-only sites are now allowed.
* Replaced parking stall average area with actual parking stalls.
* Added support for non-rectangular garages.
* Ramps can be optionally placed in garages.

* Some errors will be marked in the building instead of blocking the solver.
* Added a button for restoring full-auto mode from manual mode.
* Added polygon area and radial measurement tools.

Reported Issues
* Fixed a case of common area overlapping amenity space.
* Fixed financial information formatting in PDF report.

Dynamo BIM Update

TestFit 1.004
August 2018
* Fine-tuned various geometries to improve Dynamo/Revit integration.

* Amenity and facade walls adhere to insets from corner units.
* Fixed a few panel/toolbar layout issues.
* Fixed a small calculation error when lifts are inside the garage.
* Removed duplicate walls near lifts and stairs.

Unit Editor Update

TestFit 1.003
July 2018
 * Added the unit editor for inline, inside, outside, and end of corridor units

 * Fixed the installation warnings about being an unknown software publisher.

Lifts Update

TestFit 1.002
June 2018
 * Added support for parametric elevators
 * Added PDF report export
 * Added support map tile re-use

 * Added (colored) cover, unit, and tabulation pages to the PDF export.
 * Improved map performance and offline support.

Reported Issues
 * Fixed a crash when loading maps.
 * Fixed a bug where adjusting setbacks to 0' cleared the site.
 * Fixed a bug where switching measurement systems broke the image loader.

Urban + Dev Update

TestFit 1.001
May 2018
 * Added support for multiple sites in the same plan.
 * Added cost and income parameters and tabulations.
 * Added support for the metric system.

 * Spaces are now grouped by name in tabulation.
 * Only the currently viewed level is exported to a DXF document.

Reported Issues
 * Text input responds better to international keyboard layouts.
 * Fixed a crash when setting all unit weights to 0.
 * The tab key can be used to navigate forms and input fields.
 * Fixed the feedback form to correctly wrap text.

TestFit 1.0

TestFit 1.0
April 2018
* Changed the default color theme to light. The original dark theme
can be re-enabled from the settings panel.
* Added support for custom building presets.
* Added an exporter to SketchUp's skp file format.

* Fixed a case of missing stairs in long corridors.
* Added a section view to help visualize building verticality.
It is hidden by default but can be toggled from the settings panel.
* Fixed a case of mass disappearing in manual mode.
* Common area can be disabled, allowing a custom efficiency input.
This is only allowed after disabling firewalls, stairs, amenities, and units.
* Fixed a bug with dragging setbacks to 0'.

Reported Issues
* Fixed a case of overlapping corridors.
* Fixed a case of small sites producing no solutions.
* Fixed a case of missing units when studios are disabled.

Wrap-Podium Update

Patch 0.015
March 2018
* Added support for buildings with both wrap and podium elements.
* Added toggles for units, firewalls, stairs.
* Added layers, line types, and colors to the dxf exporter.

* Improved the automated mass placement algorithm.
* Improved the control and visualization of garage growth for wraps.

Reported Issues
* Fixed a case of stairs not being placed in all dead ends.
* Fixed some odd behavior with the property line tool.
* Improved the clarity and usability of file open/save dialog boxes.

Manual Mode Update

Patch 0.014
February 2018
* Added manual adjustment and placement of garage and building mass.
* Added support for additional amenity spaces.
* Added a measurement tool.
* Added a feedback form.

* Allow podiums with garages entirely below grade.
* Amenity level is now customizable.
* Fixed an instance of incorrect offsets for garage placement guides.
* Fixed placement of tiny units near garage corners.

Input Update

Patch 0.013
January 2018
* Enhanced the property line tool.
* Building input parameters can be entered manually.
* Changed unit mix percentage to weight.

* Small details are hidden at distant zoom levels.
* Fixed podium alignment when growing perpendicular to the property line.
* Solutions will be generated on any change if enough data has been provided.
* Fixed loading a save file with no geometry.
* Fixed panning in the image importer when trackpad mode is enabled.
* Fixed a crash in stair solver.
* Fixed a crash when the setback was 0.

Tabulation Update

Patch 0.012
December 2017
* Expanded tabulation data to include full BOMA-level detail.
* Updated CSV exporter to reflect new tabulation data.

* Improved unit mix in long double-loaded corridors.
* Firewalls are less likely to be close to dead ends.
* Fixed missing file types in the file save dialog.
* Added the current file name (with an asterisk if modified) in the menu bar.
* Fixed a rendering issue with large 3D models.
* Fixed a crash when splitting large courtyards.
* Fixed a crash when exporting PDF's for unparked sites.

Amenity Update

Patch 0.011
November 2017

* Added a handle to drag amenity space.
* Amenity space should be much closer to the requested size.
* Added a 3D massing diagram view.
* Added a toolbar in the plan view to toggle 3D mode, toggle aligned drawing,
and re-center the view.


* Trackpad mode (accessible from the settings panel) replaces the middle mouse
button with right click.
* Like before, amenity space is placed away from the garage by default. There
is now a button in the input panel to restore this logic after switching to
a custom amenity location.
* Various GUI improvements: windows are draggable, window maximization works
correctly in a multi-monitor setup, and resizing panels works better.
* 3D model can be rotated with the middle mouse button.
* Stairs have been pushed back to the facade of the building.
* Fixed gaps in common area rendering near stairs and corridor intersections.
* Added this change log (accessible from the about panel).
* Garage orientation can be changed with a button in the input panel.
* Courtyards with more than 4 sides will be closed more often.

Public Release

Patch 0.010

October 2017

* Added stairs
* Added firewalls
* Inside Corner Unit Solver