TestFit 2.9: Hotel+Modular

New to TestFit 2.9: hotels, orthographic, and modular buildings. 

Since TestFit launched in late 2017 it has generated tens of thousands of apartment buildings and millions of apartment units. With the launch of the unit database feature a year ago much of our feedback from customers has been around tastefully automating other building types. This update includes a major milestone for TestFit. We are shipping a non-multifamily product for the first time: hotels. We hope our users like it.


Orthographic Massing

  • Enabling orthographic will force TestFit buildings to be 100% orthogonal
  • It is no longer necessary to only use manual mode to do this

 orthographic mode


Rainbow Road

  • Road, lane, buffer, and sidewalk colors can now be defined by users

Road Colors

  • Bus lanes generate a separate lane type for intersections


Modular Parameters

  • TestFit now has the ability to generate units within modular constraints 

flex module width


Hotel Keys

  • TestFit now tabulates keys for hotel design

units to keys

  • Right click to change unit types of the same module size

flip units



  • Users can combine lifts and stairs into core groups

Combine Cores

  • Cores can be moved, edited, and mirrored

Moving and Mirror Cores

  • Cores can even be moved into inside corners

Move Cores IC 2


Depth Clumping

  • Units, modules, and keys of similar depth will clump together automatically

 depth clumping


Additional Details

  • Units can wrap around some unused core space
  • Improved the spacing between automatically-placed stairs
  • Visually distinguish custom presets from default presets in selection menus
  • Input boxes support text selection & copying
  • Reduce corridor cut-outs inside spaces

Reported Issues

  • Fixed UI scaling in the PDF export window for high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed UI scaling in the elevator panel for high DPI monitors.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed void spaces cutting away facade lines on all levels of the building.
  • Setback geometry correctly updates when changing the global setback value.
  • Setback geometry correctly updates when toggling dynamic balconies.
  • Fixed a case of corridors extending outside of the site boundary.
  • Fixed an issue when using structured-fill garages in concave sites.
  • Fixed an issue loading recently created custom presets.
  • Fixed an issue that resolved sites when roads were drawn outside of the property line.
  • Fixed an insane amount of facade generation bugs


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