TestFit 2.11 & Office Beta

TestFit for Office Beta

Head over to www.testfit.io/office to check out the beta. It is a small web application--our first!

If you or your firm would like to indicate a deeper interest in testing the Beta, please follow this link https://blog.testfit.io/officebetaform.

Office Parti Selector


Lease Depth Parameter

  • Easily control the desired lease depth--The core will automatically update to fit.
Lease Depth Parameter


Floor Load Parameter

  • Easily generate compliant cores by adjusting the desired floor load or occupancy.
Occupancy Parameter



TestFit Commercial Bathrooms

  • Building code inspired bathroom configurator with fixture ratios
Bathroom Felx


All of the office beta features are available online at testfit.io/office. In due course the office features will be integrated into TestFit, but as of today they are separate.

Try the TestFit for office beta



TestFit 2.11

New to TestFit 2.11 are a myriad of squished bugs, performance upgrades, and UX tweaks. This update is light on features, but focused on stability.


Specific Length Input

  • Property line tool is now easier to control
  • All drawing tools get this upgrade

input distances


Image Files

  • Image file underlays can be attached to rsd files
  • Unit Attachments can now be saved to unit databases
  • This makes sharing TestFit content significantly easier


GUI Upgrade

  • This much-needed update to the GUI panel adds tabs
  • Significantly less scrolling to get to meaningful parameters

GUI Update



- Deal model calculations now use gross revenue instead of net revenue.
- Added a right click context menu for amenity spaces.
- Added a right click option to duplicate units in the unit editor.
- Added a recent color list to the color picker.
- Added a marker at the plan origin.
- Reduced the frequency of short dead end corridors.
- Dynamic unit depth changes now affect the core depth.
- Restored manual creation of buildings on top of surface parking.

Reported Issues & Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an error when exporting geometry to Dynamo.
- Fixed amenity spaces inside buildings for gurban sites.
- Fixed a crash when aligning parking column buffers.
- Fixed non-orthographic massing in metric mode.
- Fixed missing stairs in small buildings.
- Fixed missing footprint elements for some sites.
- Clarified the warning text when closing the application with unsaved changes.


Other News

WATG's Summer Hack with TestFit

TestFit Inc CEO Clifton Harness will be a Presenter at Thornton Tomasetti's AEC Tech 2020


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