Pricing & Subscriptions


1 User

$375 / month


$4125 / year (one month free)

5 Users

$500 / month


$5500 / year (one month free)

10 Users

$1000 / month


$11000 / year (one month free)


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frequently asked questions

What is included in the subscription?

Subscriptions have access to: TestFit software, training library, group training with a certified TestFit professional, updates, & priority support.

Is this a floating license?

No. Named users only.

Can the subscription be cancelled?

Yes, users may cancel a subscription at any time.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, TestFit offers a 30 day free trial.  Download the software at

Is there a support team for help?

Yes, users can submit a crash report or contact Testfit support by emailing:

What type of credit cards are accepted?

TestFit accepts all major cards. Invoicing upon request.

What currencies do you support?

TestFit only accepts USD at this time. 

What is the deployment plan for teams?

Best practices have been getting 2-5 champions trained up and then deploying out to the rest of the team. This ensures users to get the best TestFit experience.