Deal Information Modeling

Problem: Deal Workflows Suck

Real Estate deal processes are unprofitable, strung out, and necessary for the survival of development, architectural, general contracting, banking, engineering, investment, marketing, and brokerage firms.

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Multifamily's Problem Child

Inside Corner Units

Need I say more? These units are the hardest to design. These units are the hardest to lease. These units are the hardest to live in. For the most part, if inside corners can be avoided, avoid them.

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Let's Face It. Connecting Nodes Sucks

I remember back in College I foolishly decided to dive into a generative design studio. I set out to use grasshopper for the first time. It was magical. I created a point with three inputs, a second point with three more inputs, and then I connected the two points with a line node. The total effort? 9 nodes, 1 line, 30 minutes, three online tutorials, and one tall coffee.

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