21st Century Multifamily

Testfit.io is committed to innovating multifamily design processes--we have started with TestFit. Over the next half-century the world will continue to explode with urbanization and population growth.  

Rapid Urbanization

In order to house the billions of people to live in the cities of the future, new technology will need to be created. We need to build more efficiently, more sustainably and more effectively.


Site selection will become critical as more and more easily developed sites are consumed. These sites will need to be properly dense. Robust land assemblages will need to be created for housing, and big data will play a major role in making the real estate market more efficient.


The TestFit software is geared towards enabling real estate developers and architects find the highest-and-best use of real estate. One can easily boost unit yield within our software by flipping a few levers.

Adjust Unit Mix Simple

Some things will remain the same. Units will be units. Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens will be needed, just in much greater demand. Not much has or will change with housing, and inside corner units will still be hard to design. Heading into a world where prefabrication is king, we will need to re-orient how we design. The unit will become more important than the building.

Inside Corner Units-01

We will still use many of the same metrics, like efficiency, FAR, lot coverage and Skin-to-Gross. However, these metrics will gain more meaning when we can analyze it with machine learning and AI.

building metrics-05

Eventually we will be able to optimize building design for many metrics, when generative design hits a critical mass. We have started with things like generative noise abatement.

Stay tuned or collaborate with us. We are eager to learn, and the world is teaching us much.