Practical Generative Design is committed to creating practical generative design tools. We firmly believe that for 90% of designers that connecting nodes sucks. It shouldn't take an inordinate amount of time to create practical algorithms to use with form-making. We build them ourselves and package them in an easy to understand interface. What do we call this approach?

 Macro BIM: A database of spatial and quantitative qualities of the highest-level building components for the purpose of iteration and optimization.


Our core algorithms initially led to the creation of Residential Engine, which has since morphed into TestFit. We solve automatically: Building Mass Placement, Firewall Placement, Stair Placement, Parking Demand Growth, Geometric Unit Placement, Unit Mix, and Tabulate everything.


If you wrap all of these algorithms together we have a pretty awesome multifamily TestFit tool:

Move Setbacks 1

Stay tuned or collaborate with us. We are eager to learn, and the world can teach us much.