Frequently Asked Questions

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What is TestFit?

A simple generative design and co-creation tool that allows a user to get a site TestFit in seconds for multifamily development. 

How does TestFit work?

Once a site boundary is closed, TestFit uses a proprietary algorithm to produce a successful fit. 

Where is TestFit Headquartered?

Dallas, TEXAS

Who uses TestFit?

TestFit users are typically architects and real estate developers located around the globe.

Why TestFit?

TestFit will save you time and money. 

Is the software web based?

TestFit is an application that is downloaded onto a mac or pc desktop. It does require an internet connection for license checks.

Is there a Trial Version?

TestFit offers a 30 day free trial with the full version of the software. A credit card will be required. Head to our website to sign up or contact

How do I cancel my subscription after my 30 day free trial?


Will I get access to the most updated version?

Every update to the software will need to be downloaded and installed from our licensing website. See our version history.  

Why does TestFit close immediately after it launches?

Usually this kind of behavior is due to an invalid ".autosave.rsd" in this directory: C:\ProgramData\testfit. Delete it from your computer. Hopefully, TestFit will launch successfully after that file is gone.

What are the saving options?

TestFit can be saved as: .pdf, .csv, .dxf, sketchup, .glTF, & .rsd (TestFit file)

Note for iOS users: File Save -> save as -> filename.pdf, filename.rsd, filename.csv, etc. Your computer will only read the file if you have an application or software to read that file type.

What is the cost?

Check out the pricing here.

Will the TestFit team create custom features for my organization?

At this time there is only one active and supported branch of the software at any time. This means all new features will be developed for every customer and everyone will benefit. Feel free to submit a feature request.

Is TestFit looking for Venture funding? 


How do I update my payment details for my license?

Contact and she will assist you in updating those details.

Is there integration between Revit/Autocad and TestFit?

TestFit can export the open .dxf format which can be read by most CAD-based software tools. The TestFit team has also built several dynamo nodes that make building a BIM much easier.

What version of dynamo/grasshopper is TestFit built on?

None. Its a custom app. Built from the ground up.

But surely you used dynamo to build this?

Actually no.

Our computational designer could easily build this in a month.

Good luck! Let us know how that goes.

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