-You prefer the power and stability of the desktop over web development. Being a curmudgeon is encouraged but optional.
-You understand the balance between software that is perfect and software that exists.
-You have high empathy, or at least the ability to simulate it in your Turing-complete brain.
-You know that some details are critical, some are irrelevant, and discerning which is which is a vital skill.
-You type super duper fast. Like, at least 80 words per minute. Everyone knows this correlates to highly productive programmers.
-You rely on the work of others and also realize the value of minimizing dependencies and doing it yourself.
-You take pride in owning a product's development - contributing to the design, implementation, and launch of new features.
-You enjoy collaborating with others.
-You like to learn.

Required skills:
- 2+ years of C (preferred) or C++ development experience
- Solid grasp of 2D geometry and vector mathematics
- Effective communication with both technical and non-technical peers
- Undeterred by unsolved, open-ended problems
- Understanding of high-level software performance principles
- Familiarity with Git or a similar version control system

- Based in Dallas, Texas
- Desktop software built in C
- Very collaborative, much wow


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