TestFit Version 1.005

This is the most massive update to TestFit since launch a year ago! With 1.005 TestFit can handle parking configurations.

TestFit 1.005 September + October 2018 Update

Placing Parking Stalls (for the first time!)

01 Typical Parking Garage

Regular Ramping
TestFit places the ramp in the most efficient location, and will extend itself to get between floors.
02 Typical Ramping
Irregular Parking Garages
Fill the entire site with parking.
03 Irregular Garage
Moving Ramps
Respond to site conditions, or manually override the most efficient ramp placement.
04 Move Ramps
Liner Units
Line any irregular garage with units; make a Texas donut!
05 Liner Units
Self-Storage, Warehouses, or Convention halls?
Simply adjust the parametric dimensions to do something different with the solver.
06 Regular Solver

TestFit 1.005 Details

* Parking-only sites are now allowed.
* Replaced parking stall average area with actual parking stalls.
* Added support for non-rectangular garages.
* Ramps can be optionally placed in garages.

* Some errors will be marked in the building instead of blocking the solver.
* Added a button for restoring full-auto mode from manual mode.
* Added polygon area and radial measurement tools.

Reported Issues
* Fixed a case of common area overlapping amenity space.
* Fixed financial information formatting in PDF report.

The full changelog can be found here.

This update is live now.

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