TestFit Version 1.004

This update allows for TestFit geometry to be pushed into Dynamo and therefore Revit. InstaBIM

TestFit 1.004 August 2018 Update

Dynamo Package

Due to the nature of how BIM models are built, we created a dynamo node that can seperate wall type and floor type reference polycurves. What this means? TestFit to BIM in as little as 30 seconds with maximum customizability.

In order to access the dynamo node, download "TestFit Dynamo" from the package manager. 

TestFit 1.004 Details

* Various bug and stability fixes
* Amenity and facade walls adhere to insets from corner units.
* Fixed a few panel/toolbar layout issues.
* Fixed a small calculation error when lifts are inside the garage.
* Removed duplicate walls near lifts and stairs.

The full changelog can be found here.

This update is live now.

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