TestFit Version 1.002

This update brings two major feature updates to TestFit: Elevators and the PDF report


Elevators - TestFit can now handle elevators or "lifts"

  • Elevators will organize themselves into banks if possible on higher density projects
  • Elevators will disperse themselves on large lower density projects


Improved PDF Export - Export a data rich PDF report

  • Set the size of the PDF
  • Set the orientation
  • Add project metadata
  • Set a custom scale

PDF Feature

Improved Maps Support - Added support for the mapping tiling system to re-use loaded tiles.


  • Added colorized units, building tabulation, and unit tabulation to PDF export
  • Improved map performance and mapping offline support

Reported Issues

  • Fixed a crash caused by loading maps
  • fixed a bug where adjusting setbacks to 0' cleared the site
  • fixed a bug where switching measurement systems broke the underlay image loader

Existing users simply need to login and download, or if TestFit is already installed, launch the program and it will patch itself. The full changelog of the last nine product updates can be found here.

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