TestFit Version 1.001

This update brings three major feature updates to TestFit: Urban Planning, Real Estate Development, and Metric


Urban Planning - TestFit for multiple sites and Mixed UseUrban Planning

Real Estate Development - Run a basic project analysis continuously.Development Panel Cover

International - Added support for the metric system. Linear dimensions are in millimeters and areas are in square meters.Imperial to Metric

Granular Units - All dimensions can now be defined to the nearest inch or millimeter


  •  Spaces are now grouped by name in tabulation.
    • example: All spaces named "Retail" are added together across all sites
  •  Only the currently viewed level is exported to a DXF document.
  •  Improved line snapping
  • Increased PDF export zoom level to 1" = 300'
  • Handle millions of GSF or GSM in the tabulation
  • Image loader handles granular dimensions

Reported Issues

  •  Text input responds better to international keyboard layouts.
  •  Fixed a crash when setting all unit weights to zero.
  •  The tab key can be used to navigate forms and input fields.
  • De-selecting input fields will use typed values
  • Fixed the feedback form to correctly wrap text
  • Unit weight caps have been increased to 1000

Existing users simply need to login and download, or if TestFit is already installed, launch the program and it will patch itself. The full changelog of the last eight product updates can be found here.

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