TestFit for Land Planning

We started with a simple landing page and a couple of posts on LinkedIn about this idea. It blew up. Fair warning: This will not work for metric or mac users. Here is the instructions on how to hack TestFit for land planning:

  1. Grab a copy of TestFit for free from www.buildingforge.com and install it
    1. First time users will need to create an account and click "try"
    2. If you have already used your free trial, send us an email (support@testfit.io)
  2. Download "TestFit for Land Planning" zip file full of TestFit presets
  3. Extract those .preset files into folder "C:\ProgramData\testfit\presets"
  4. Launch TestFit and lot dimensions should show up in the configurator panel
    1. Remove default presets (preferences panel (ctrl+,) -> disable "show default presets"
  5. Load Land Planning.rsd into TestFit
    1. Download the file
    2. In test fit click file -> open and navigate to Land Planning.rsd
    3. Click the file and select open
  6. Go to the schemes panel and click "generate from presets"

This is what the result should look like:

Jun 24 2019 1_44 PM

Request for Feedback

The most essential part of this for us? To build an amazing product. In order to do this we need feedback. This could look very simple, like: I need to actually see three-dimensional homes on the lots.

Feedback could also be much more exhaustive than a simple tweet. If so, send us an email (clifton@testfit.io).

Feel free to fill out this form to give us much needed feedback!

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