TestFit 2.5: StreetFit

New to TestFit for the 2.5 update is an entirely new modeling tool: StreetFit. 

Street Section Editor

  • Easily create custom street sections

 01 Street Database

  • Add lanes, buffers, sidewalks, bus lanes, and parking

02 Edit Streets

Street Modeling Tools

  • Easily draft streets based on street sections

Draw Roads

  • Support for intuitive curved roads

04 Draw Curves

Automatic Intersection Generator

  • Generate generic street intersections automatically

05 Ortho Intersect

  • Handle angled intersections

06 Angled Intersections

StreetFit + TestFit Urban Planning

  • Use streets to generate blocks; generate buildings

07 Flex Blocks

  • Flex block sizing to adjust TestFit generated buildings

08 Flex Blocks 3D

Single-Loaded Corridor Support

  • Use manual mode to boost land yield

09 Single Load

Detailed Sketchup Export

  • In addition to massing, TestFit now supports component export

10 Sketchup

Additional Details

  • Shallow unit support (down to 10 feet)
  • Handle more complicated site shapes easily
  • Expanded right-click context menu into manual mode
  • Added undo+redo support to sites (add, copy, drag, rotate sites)
  • Added a delete site button

Reported Issues

  • Added an input field for unit entry depth
  • Fixed issues with building placement for generated surface parked building layouts
  • Fixed a crash for buildings with single long corridors
  • Support for survey edges over 1000'
  • Fixed a bug with metric default databases being sized incorrectly
  • Fixed menubar keyboard shortcuts on MacOS
  • Improved support for multiple users on the same computer
  • Improved window positioning for the spaces color-picker popup
  • Fixed missing balcony wall types in the Dynamo package
  • Fixed cases of spaces avoiding corners in the building
  • Fixed some issues drawing site boundaries in a multi-site configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visual lag when panning the camera in 2d
  • Fixed visual glitches when drawing the facade
  • Fixed the camera location for multi-site plans in the PDF exporter
  • Fixed some cases of unwanted common area cut-outs in spaces
  • Fixed spaces that occupy a full loop in the massing
  • Fixed some common areas in outside corners without a corner unit

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