Residential Engine 1.015

Our March update is now live!

Major Features:
  • Wrap-Podium Support Has Been Added
    • Design a Podium Building with Wrap Components
    • Design a Wrap Building with Building Above the Garage
  • Turn Some Building Elements Off
    • Toggle Stairs Off
    • Toggle Fire Walls Off
    • Toggle Units Off (with unit yield estimates)
  • Liner Toggle
    • Attempts to Line the Garage fully
    • Changes How Garage is Placed
Minor Features:
  • Added Layers, Bells, and Whistles to DXF export
  • Improved Automated Building Placement Algorithm
  • Improved Garage Placement and Visualization
  • Improved Garage Size Estimation for Wraps
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed A Dead End Corridor Stair Bug
  • Fixed Some Odd Behavior With the Property Line Tool
  • Improved Import and Save Dialogue Boxes
For existing users, simply startup the program, and it will patch itself!
  • Assure the current version is 1.015 in the "About" panel

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 The full changelog can be found here.

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