Residential Engine 1.012

The Tabulation Update

Major New Featurestabulate

  • BOMA Inspired Tabulation

  • Extensive .csv Export (for excel)

  • Linear Facade Takeoffs

Minor New Features:

  • Improved Unit Mix Solver

  • More Efficient Fire Walls

  • Fixed Filetype Dialogue

  • View Current File Name

  • Render Large 3D Models

  • Split Larger Courtyards

  • Fixed PDF Export for Unparked

Login and DownloadWith this update, never again will you have to:

  • Draw polylines to calculate areas

  • Count Units (was I at 45 or 46? Better start over)

  • Measure linear feet of facade

  • Calculate the area of common corridor

  • Wait for the intern to calculate NRSF

  • Wait to know efficiency

  • Create spreadsheets from scratch

  • Scratch paper additions and multiplications

Computers are good at math. Lets let them do the boring work!


The full changelog can be found here.

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