Residential Engine 1.011

This is the 3D and Amenity update.

Major Features:

  • Amenity Area DraggingAmenity Dragging

    • Handle to drag amenity to manual location

    • More closely hits target area

    • Reset anchor button 

  • Dynamic 3D Diagramswrap-podium 3d

    • 3D mode toggle button

    • Orbit around model (drag mouse wheel)

    • Flick orbit to spin (drag mouse wheel and flick)

Minor Features

  • Rotate garage 90° parameter (or right click while placing garage)

  • Zoom Extents

  • Align Toggle (snaps property line tool to 15° increments when drawing)

Other Tweaks

  • Window dragging and resizing

  • Multi-monitor support

  • Settings panel

    • Track-pad mode (switches pan from middle mouse wheel to right click)

  • Stairs align to facade

Bug Fixes

  • Gaps in common spaces are rendered correctly

  • Complex shapes are handled slightly better (5 sided shapes)

  • Added change log (accessible from about panel)

 The full changelog can be found here.

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