TestFit 2.2: Back to the Future








New to TestFit for the 2.2 update is a time machine. Users are now able to go back in time...and then forward in time. Introducing undo redo and several other useful tools.

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TestFit 2.1: Zoning

Since the dawn of man, we have always had bureaucrats regulating our buildings. If we didn't, surely they would be too tall, too big, or too dangerous to live in. In this update to TF we provide a way to regulate our buildings. 

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TestFit for Land Planning

We started with a simple landing page and a couple of posts on LinkedIn about this idea. It blew up. Fair warning: This will not work for metric or mac users. Here is the instructions on how to hack TestFit for land planning:

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TestFit 2.0: Configurator

This month's update brings a massive overhaul to TestFit. We have spent the last five months working towards an update that addresses over 18 months of feedback from customers.



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Working With Fill-Type Garages

What is a Fill-Type Garage?

Simply put? Fill a site with parking in an irregular fashion. TestFit handles three major scenarios with fill-type parking: The Podium Fill; The Donut; and The Donut + Wrap. Sounds pretty appetizing, right?


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TestFit: Low Density

When we launched Residential Engine (TestFit's predecessor) we had never imagined that we would have made it this far. It started as a way to solve some technical problems for site planners then blossomed into the most powerful building configuratior software available on the market today.

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Generative Parking Garages

Why build generative design for parking garages? What do we build most in this world? Parking... What do we hate most in this world? Parking... How many stalls have you counted in the last 30 days? Too many.

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Startup: Year One In Review

TestFit was founded to design buildings in milliseconds--to help architects and developers solve real estate deals with ease. This idea, and our implementation of it, has enabled us to survive our first year as a startup. As we approach October 1st, the one year anniversary of releasing TestFit, we are taking a moment to look back over the past year on all that we have accomplished.

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Deal Information Modeling

Problem: Deal Workflows Suck

Real Estate deal processes are unprofitable, strung out, and necessary for the survival of development, architectural, general contracting, banking, engineering, investment, marketing, and brokerage firms.

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Multifamily's Problem Child

Inside Corner Units

Need I say more? These units are the hardest to design. These units are the hardest to lease. These units are the hardest to live in. For the most part, if inside corners can be avoided, avoid them.

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Let's Face It. Connecting Nodes Sucks

I remember back in College I foolishly decided to dive into a generative design studio. I set out to use grasshopper for the first time. It was magical. I created a point with three inputs, a second point with three more inputs, and then I connected the two points with a line node. The total effort? 9 nodes, 1 line, 30 minutes, three online tutorials, and one tall coffee.

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Macro bim

As a skilled CAD draftsman, hand-drafting is painfully slow, and as a BIM modeler, CAD is painfully slow, but what makes BIM painfully slow? It is an interesting thought experiment.

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Re-Thinking Site Selection

What is the typical process for site selection? Typically it is a very bottom-up approach. Talking to brokers, driving around looking, or hearing about one at a happy hour. With the power of public records and massive amounts of data, we can look to software for a different route.

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The Value of Iteration

Designers do thousands of iterations. Why? Well, the next iteration of a design will be better than the last. Right? This is normally the case, but sometimes an iteration is a failure (most of them are). How does one decide if it is a good iteration or not?

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Building Efficiency 101

I was green, fresh out of college, and had just planned my first building. My boss simply asked, "What is the efficiency of this building"? I had no idea. "Let me check...Ill get that to you as soon as possible"

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Boosting Unit Yield 101

The pro-forma calls for X units in order to make a project viable. This makes X, or better, the target to achieve for a density study. There are several levers to pull, but each lever has an impact on an overall design. To demonstrate these different concepts, I am using TestFit, a parametric multifamily modeling tool on a theoretical site. Any modeling tool will suffice for these levers, and should work with pencil on trace, CAD, or any other kind of workflow.

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Residential Engine

A question often asked in the multifamily world: "How many units can I fit on this piece of land? Look no further. Residential Engine is your answer. Residential Engine combines the brilliance of algorithmic modeling with the simplicity of parametric modeling. Spatial and quantitative analysis can be done in fractions of a second. Generative design is now, finally, on the horizon.

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