Boosting Unit Yield 101

The pro-forma calls for X units in order to make a project viable. This makes X, or better, the target to achieve for a density study. There are several levers to pull, but each lever has an impact on an overall design. To demonstrate these different concepts, I am using TestFit, a parametric multifamily modeling tool on a theoretical site. Any modeling tool will suffice for these levers, and should work with pencil on trace, CAD, or any other kind of workflow.

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Residential Engine

A question often asked in the multifamily world: "How many units can I fit on this piece of land? Look no further. Residential Engine is your answer. Residential Engine combines the brilliance of algorithmic modeling with the simplicity of parametric modeling. Spatial and quantitative analysis can be done in fractions of a second. Generative design is now, finally, on the horizon.

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