Test Fit 1.0

Residential Engine is now Test Fit

 Test Fit is now Live

In order to update to Test Fit, you must login to Building Forge and download Test Fit.


 Major Features:

  • Parameter Presets - allows users to save entire sets of parameters

  • Sketchup Export 

  • Light GUI Scheme 

Minor Features

  • Relaxed Some Parameter Constraints

  • Changed Application Name from Residential Engine to Test Fit

  • Collapsible GUI Panels

  • Sectional Diagram - access in settings

  • Custom Efficiency Input - disable spaces, firewalls, stairs, units, and common to use

Reported Issues Fixed

  • Overlapping Corridors

  • Small Site Support

  • Solving With Studios Disabled

  • Dragging Setbacks To "0" Will No Longer Erase Property Lines

  • Manual Mode Rendering Incorrectly

The full changelog can be found here.

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