TestFit 2.2: Back to the Future








New to TestFit for the 2.2 update is a time machine. Users are now able to go back in time...and then forward in time. Introducing undo redo and several other useful tools.

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TestFit 2.1: Zoning

Since the dawn of man, we have always had bureaucrats regulating our buildings. If we didn't, surely they would be too tall, too big, or too dangerous to live in. In this update to TF we provide a way to regulate our buildings. 

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TestFit for Land Planning

We started with a simple landing page and a couple of posts on LinkedIn about this idea. It blew up. Fair warning: This will not work for metric or mac users. Here is the instructions on how to hack TestFit for land planning:

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TestFit 2.0: Configurator

This month's update brings a massive overhaul to TestFit. We have spent the last five months working towards an update that addresses over 18 months of feedback from customers.



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Working With Fill-Type Garages

What is a Fill-Type Garage?

Simply put? Fill a site with parking in an irregular fashion. TestFit handles three major scenarios with fill-type parking: The Podium Fill; The Donut; and The Donut + Wrap. Sounds pretty appetizing, right?


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TestFit: Low Density

When we launched Residential Engine (TestFit's predecessor) we had never imagined that we would have made it this far. It started as a way to solve some technical problems for site planners then blossomed into the most powerful building configuratior software available on the market today.

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