Test Fit 1.0

Posted by Clifton on 4/6/18 8:29 PM

Residential Engine is now Test Fit

 Test Fit is now Live

In order to update to Test Fit, you must login to Building Forge and download Test Fit.


 Major Features:

  • Parameter Presets - allows users to save entire sets of parameters

  • Sketchup Export 

  • Light GUI Scheme 

Minor Features

  • Relaxed Some Parameter Constraints

  • Changed Application Name from Residential Engine to Test Fit

  • Collapsible GUI Panels

  • Sectional Diagram - access in settings

  • Custom Efficiency Input - disable spaces, firewalls, stairs, units, and common to use

Reported Issues Fixed

  • Overlapping Corridors

  • Small Site Support

  • Solving With Studios Disabled

  • Dragging Setbacks To "0" Will No Longer Erase Property Lines

  • Manual Mode Rendering Incorrectly


The full changelog can be found here.


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