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The World's Most Powerful Building Configurator

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Practical Generative Design

With TestFit's unique workflow, users don't need to have an extensive background in programming to immediately utilize generative design. From zero to full parametric generative design in as little as five minutes.

Surface Parked
TestFit, launched in October of 2017, provides a radically new approach to solving site feasibility studies. Harnessing the concept of co-creation, TestFit leverages the knowledge of the user with the efficiency of algorithms. Our current offering provides value to Architects, Developers, and General Contractors. TestFit is the most powerful multifamily prototyping tool on the market today.

Instantaneous Building Design; Instantaneous Value

Plenty of Parameters
TestFit provides a wide assortment of parameters, ensuring maximum control and customization. From surface parked sites all the way to super-tall high rises.

Fully Responsive
With fully responsive and instantaneous feedback TestFit can confirm assumptions in as few as 5 minutes.

Rooted in Reality
Most generative design solutions create buildings that are entirely unrealistic. Every TestFit result is a reasonably designed building from the ground up--and done in milliseconds.

Watch the two minute demo

TestFit's multifamily configurator spatially lays out units, stairs, amenity spaces, elevators, corridors, and balconies. TestFit's parking configurator solves stalls, drive aisles, and ramps. Check the software out below!


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